TOP 10 Movies that SAVE Every Christmas (HOLIDAY SPECIAL)

December 19, 2020
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December 19, 2020 Scarlett.Media

Do you love Christmas and all of the time honored traditions that come with it? Everyone has their favorite Christmas traditions. It’s the time of year where we put actual trees inside our homes, cook elaborate meals and hope that a fat man comes crashing down the chimney to give us free stuff. It doesn’t get better than that.

Now, if you are like us then your favorite tradition is putting on the best Christmas movies and having a couple too many festive cocktails. If you are looking for new holiday viewing options to make you laugh, make you cry and give you the Christmas feels, then you are in luck because today, Scarlett Media Presents our top 10 movies that SAVE every Christmas. Watch till the end and give us a like and subscribe if your favorite flick is on the list or comment below if we missed the film that makes your season jolly.

Number 10. A Christmas Story

All Ralphie wants for Christmas is an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200 hundred shot range,  model air rifle. And I mean – pretty sure that’s something all Americans can relate to, right? A  gun for Christmas? What could go wrong! This nostalgic 80’s classic reminds us of the true spirit of Christmas: shopping malls and  school bullies! Plus, it’s got a lot to teach us about science. I mean, it wasn’t until I saw this  movie that I learned if you stick your tongue on an icy pole it’ll get stuck there. What a fun,  clever little experiment that was! If you are looking for a time honored film, with ultimate levels of nostalgia, to warm the cockles of your heart then A Christmas Story is the movie for you. Plus, it plays on a constant loop on cable all of December, so you’ll probably end up watching it anyway. 

Number 9. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation  

Another 80’s Christmas classic – the third in its franchise – is a fan favorite  everywhere. And y’know – that in itself is pretty cool. How many times does the third movie in a series actually slap? So, good for you, National Lampoon. Pat yourself on the back. This John Hughes film, starring Chevy Chase, is absolutely packed with holiday shenanigans, downright hilarity and a whole lotta heart. Chase plays Clark Griswold, one of those loveable, well-meaning dads who have an uncanny ability to take everything just a little too far. All Clark wants to do is give his family a perfect Christmas and all we want to do is watch the disaster that ensues when he continuously and without fail, screws everything up. If you really want to get your holiday schadenfreude on, then watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and laugh at Chase’s character literally getting electrocuted by Christmas lights. We won’t judge!

Number 8. A Nightmare Before Christmas  

Are you a fan of Tim Burton, Henry Selick, & Danny Elfman? Well, so are we! And if you have never heard of them before, well come on out of that rock you’ve been under because you’re in for a treat! Halloween and Christmas, together at last in this wonderful, twisted, freaky but heartfelt musical that is A Nightmare before Christmas! With stop motion animation that adds to the creepy vibes and Halloween-like atmosphere, this movie is a craze-fest of weirdness – and yet it still manages to hit us right in the feels. I mean, who knew we’d actually sympathize – and even root for – a scary looking skeleton who literally kidnaps Santa? If your movie preferences lean towards the non-traditional, if you crave music that is beautiful, dark and haunting, and if you love bizarre, brooding anti-heroes, then this movie is a must watch to save your Christmas!

Number 7. Scrooged 

Now, we knew we needed some version of The Christmas Carol on this list – and, admittedly, it was tough to choose between the original Christmas Carol, A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, and  Scrooged. Ultimately, we landed on Scrooged because it’s hilarious and it stars Bill Murray. And, who doesn’t love Bill Murray? Scrooged hit the theatres in 1988 and blessed audiences everywhere with a grumpy, heartless character named Frank Cross, who transforms before their eyes into a loving and kind Christmas fanatic. Naturally, Frank’s supernatural transformation is aided by time travel & three ghosts – a taxi driver, a volatile fairy, and – well, death, because of course it does! If that doesn’t tickle your Christmas funny bone, then a random, end-of-movie musical sequence – that is as cheesy, as it is amazing – just might. If grinch-like movies are more your style or you’re just not feeling Christmas this year, then this supernatural, redemption story  might just be the one to save your Christmas and remind you of what Christmas is really about.  

Number 6. Die Hard  

If you’re a man’s man that “every once in a while goes down to the Boardwalk and throws your own feces, like a gorilla” (use clip audio/video from I love you, Man where Jason Segal says that entire line), then Die Hard is the Christmas movie for you. While everyone else snuggles under a blanket, drinks hot chocolate, and watches Christmas feelie flicks, you can throw back a cold one and watch all the mayhem ensue in a Christmas movie that includes: terrorists, hostage situations, and red, flashy police car lights. Plus, McClane’s wife is named Holly, I mean, doesn’t get more Christmas than that. So, while you’re settling into your couch, choosing between Die Hard and, I dunno, Hallmark Channel’s Mingle All the Way, for god’s sake, just choose Die Hard. You won’t regret it. No one regrets watching this movie. Even Santa Claus watches this movie, in between bites of Christmas cookies. Be like Santa. Choose Die Hard.  

Number 5. Miracle on 34th Street 

Nothing says Christmas quite like the 1947 film, Miracle on 34th Street. Honestly, watching this movie feels like being wrapped in a huge, warm hug by Santa Claus himself. This movie won  multiple Academy Awards, including best actor, best writing, and best picture – which is pretty  remarkable for a Christmas film. And, if black & white classics aren’t your thing, but Christmas miracles are, you’re in luck! There’s a 90’s remake, with the same title, which is fun and uplifting, too. This movie is a Christmas classic that should be required viewing every December. If you’re the moviegoer that believes in miracles or you’re just a person in need of a little hope after the turmoil that this year wrought, then give this movie a watch. It’s like a little miracle in itself. 

Number 4. Elf  

Okay, aside from our grinch neighbour Karen (include video clip of Karen meme) who hates fun and has no soul, who doesn’t love Elf – amirite!?! This movie, starring Will Ferrell, is downright hilarious. Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf, a human raised by elves who winds up in New York City to meet his human dad – who, it turns out, is a total bummer. Buddy is a lovable elf, who sees the best in everyone, and who is a little… different. Okay, a LOT, different! But, what’s not to love about someone who eats chewed gum off of New York’s subway rails? Totally adorkable! Anyone who skips out on watching Elf at Christmas has no heart, and worse – no sense of humor – *Cough* Karen *Cough* (include another Karen video clip). If you’re looking for some much needed faith in humanity, a whole lotta laughs, and a comedy that is perhaps a little politically incorrect, then this Christmas classic is definitely the one for you! 

Number 3. A Charlie Brown Christmas 

The Peanuts really know how to make a good holiday movie and there’s nothing that says “Happy Holidays!” quite like Charlie Brown. Plus, it’s funny to watch Charlie Brown all depressed before he learns the true meaning of Christmas – which we all know is… PRESENTS! Yeah, I see you PS5, sitting under the tree, just waiting to be opened! Ahem, I mean, the true meaning of Christmas is totally friends and family. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a cozy fan favorite packed with everything Christmas – from ice skating to a Christmas play. You’ll love hearing the Peanuts shout, “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!” as literal tears of happiness well up in your eyes (Video clip/meme: I’m not crying, you are)!  If you’re looking for a hit of holiday nostalgia – to be reminded of your childhood and why you love holidays in the first place – then A Charlie Brown Christmas is the movie for you! 

Number 2. Home Alone 

Home Alone is a favorite for a reason and it’s perhaps one of the most beloved Christmas films of all time. This fun, quirky, and hilarious movie starring everyone’s favorite child star-turned-weirdo, Macaulay Culkin, tells the story of a little boy who is left behind at Christmas – and then must defend his home from a pair of ridiculous Wet Bandits. This movie has all the antics of classic Christmas chaos, mixed with messages about family, loneliness at Christmas, love, and what matters most of all: Macaulay Culkin’s amazingly impressive booby traps. If you impossibly haven’t seen this movie before, or like us are Die Hard fans (Video meme: I see what you did there) of Home Alone, then this is an absolute, must-watch this Christmas season…  Ya, filthy animal! (Video clip: Use the “filthy animal” clip from Home Alone)

Before we get to our number one choice on this list, the movie that has been saving Christmas for like a hundred years now, hit that like and subscribe button to make sure Santa does not load up your stocking with coal. 

Number 1. It’s A Wonderful Life 

There isn’t a Christmas movie list in the world that doesn’t feature this legendary holiday  classic. George Bailey, played by James Stewart, is planning to commit suicide on Christmas Eve, when he is visited by an angel who shoots out of the sky and reminds George of just how much he matters. This movie is the one to watch while you decorate your tree, with your family and friends, and think about just how grateful you are to have what you have. When it’s finished, you’ll want nothing more than to hug everyone you know and remind them how much you love them – or at least send them a text that says, “you up?”. This Frank Capra classic is an absolute must-watch every Christmas – especially after a hard, long year, when you just need a little reminder that it is, indeed, a wonderful life.  

What do you think of our list of movies that saved Christmas? Are there any Christmas classics you love, that we failed to mention? Let us know in the comments below. Before the year ends we at ScarlettMedia would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and once again, thanks for watching! 

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